Westside Family YMCA
Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu

Head Instructor
Professor William G. Randle, Judan (10th degree blackbelt)

Assistant Instructors
Professor Michael Salter
Professor Jack Mauck
Shichidan (7th degree blackbelt)
Professor Randy Katz
Professor Barry Posner
Rokudan (6th degree blackbelt)
Professor Ed Shatzen
Professor Justin Kocher
Professor Thabiti Sabahive
  (on loan to North Carolina)
Godan (5th degree blackbelt)
Sensei Robert Rainey Yodan (4th degree blackbelt)
Sensei Bryan Latner
Sensei Kevin Frand
Sensei Ian Hladun
Sandan (3rd degree blackbelt)
Sensei Victor Vaile Nidan (2nd degree blackbelt)
Sensei James Coyne
Sensei Sergio Antoniuk
Shodan (1st degree blackbelt)


Classes are ongoing, and students of any level are welcome to join us at any time.

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