Westside Promotions and Rankings

When the student is ready, the master will appear. This saying implies that it is improper for a student to ask for either a promotion or a test. The sensei knows when a student is ready and to ask for promotion is considered in poor taste. Each rank has a course list that encompasses techniques, principles, and attitudes to be absorbed by the student. The time it takes to pass from one rank to the next does not depend on competition or comparison against other students but rather on the dedication, skill, and character development of the individual. Each martial art system has its own particular set of ranks. In general, a white belt usually indicates the beginner, and a black belt a more advanced student or instructor. Other belt ranks are steps to show progress along the way and indicate an intermediate level. Most ancient martial arts only had white and black belts. The ranks listed below are utilized by the WESTSIDE FAMILY YMCA dojo:

Rank (Japanese) Degree Color
Gokyu 5th kyu White
Yonkyu 4th kyu Green
Sankyu 3rd kyu Brown
Nikyu 2nd kyu Brown
Ikkyu 1st kyu Brown
Shodan 1st dan Black
Nidan 2nd dan Black
Sandan 3rd dan Black
Yodan 4th dan Black
Godan 5th dan Black
Rokudan 6th dan Red & White
Shichidan 7th dan Red & White
Hachidan 8th dan Red & White
Kudan 9th dan Red
Judan 10th dan Red

Remember, one cannot learn in a few months the techniques others have been studying for years. Bite small and chew well.

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